The Sex Egg

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Products
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I moved this blog from an old post on .

We saw this….product….the other day at a book store (?).
Vtec just HAD to buy one (what a perv!). He let me take pics BEFORE he tried it out!
Meet the sex egg, or rather the *easy ona-cap egg twister*. I:m guessing the ona comes from the Japanese word for girl *onna*.
Anyhow it is ribbed on the inside as shown here..Photobucket..and I do not know anything further about its use, as i did not want to know anything about it after vtec had broken it in…!
Vtec did assure us that it was not worth the few bucks he paid…and that he was glad he had only bought the one and not the 6 pack…..


  1. ciaela says:

    Interesting! One correction though, since all the Tengas are called “ona-cups”, I think that “ona” is the abbreviation for “オナニー” which means masturbation 😉

  2. Stevo says:


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