It’s always time for a drink

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Daily Life, drinks
(One of my first blogs ever on!)
As quoted (roughly) from my japanese husband:
There’s always a reason to drink in Japan.
Fall-  the leaves are falling and colorful and food tastes the best in fall, so drink!
Winter-it:s cold and the snow is pretty, so drink!
Spring-everything is fresh and the cherry blossoms are out, so drink!
Summer- it:s hot, and everything is green and alive, so drink!
feel happy?  drink!  sad?  drink!  lonely or socializing?  drink!  sake on sale?  drink!  it:s a holiday? drink!  dinner is good tonight?  drink!
offdays are for drinking.  workdays, after work, are for drinking.  holidays are for drinking.  payday is for drinking.  hard days are for drinking.
yeah you get the idea.
Alcohol is the ultimate cure-all!
And it:s easy to get alcohol too.  any convenience store, some vending machines, the grocery store, the sake stores, the drug stores……what?  the drug stores?  oh yes.  don:t believe me?  here:s a couple pics of the drug store:s sake sections (the room temp and the chilled sections of the same store-Hac drugs).
My husband doesn:t drink much coz his liver is weak, but this is how he describes the general attitude of his friends/coworkers.   He was given alcohol in small quantities as a child however, and he often has to drink with coworkers….despite the liver problems.  But that:s another blog….

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