nerunerunerune candy (ねるねるねるね)

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Foods


Yesterday VS and Vtec wanted me to try a candy that they remembered from their childhoods.  I was reluctant, because it looked awful and i could see them laughing and wispering things about how awful it is…

anyway VS said that when he was little and the commercial aired, kids were like *WOW that is AWESOME*  because it is a candy that you *make* yourself.

Now, here are some pics from when i was mixing it up!

looks bad, right?

There are 3 packages and a plastic tray and a spoon inside.

The packages are labeled 1 to 3.

Step 1.  pour pkg 1 into the large hole.

white powder. looks like sugar.

Step 2  detach the tiny tray piece and fill with water.  mix in.

it turns blue


Step 3.  mix in pkg 2.

another white powder….

it turns purple….and wait….it changes to a marshmallow-ish texture…..wierdness……this looks awful already…..

Step 4…..put pkg 3 in the other hole….

Sugar crystals…colored……my stomach is saying *don:t eat this*

And eat!  dip the marshmallow cream stuff into the sugar crystals…….

my reaction?

What the crap is this?

They roll laughing…….

And my opinion was the same as everyone else that i know of…..

it:s just…..wierd…..

it:s kinda like marshmallow cream but more artificial and fluffy…..the sugar crystals are pretty normal…and it:s super sweet…..

There are other flavors too…..not realy flavors but…..styles….

When VS was little it was 150 yen… it:s 100 yen……lol.  figures.



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