Pepsi Mont Blanc

Posted: November 2, 2010 in drinks


The newest pepsi flavor!!! Pepsi Mont Blanc!

There are a lot of mont blanc sweets in Japan. They generally look like this, characterized by the stringy layer of sweet chestnut cream icing on top!


And there is a chestnut on the picture on the bottle.

But it doesn:t seem like chestnut flavor to me….perhaps chestnut inspired in a very loose way.

It is, however, delicious!!! And very hard to describe…

It smells sorta like caramel coffee cola.

It also tastes like a milkycoffee cola…with another flavor mixed in….almost like…a christmas smell that I cant put my finger on…

So I call it…a sweet cappuccino Christmas spice cola flavor…

I guess I really cant describe it well, but I can say I will be very sad when it goes away. .


  1. おいしいそうよ! 飲みたい! いくらか?

    • Project Van says:

      they are about 148yen in the convenience stores but now they are reaching grocery stores and drug stores for 98yen. they only come in the small bottles and will only be around for a couple months. i tried to save some of another kind of pepsi once and they totally lost their carbonation so fast11!!

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