Face Masks

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Daily Life, Products

Many people asked so here’s the answer!!

Why was i wearing a mask in the previous video?


Everyone wears masks here. you are required to in work or school if you are sick. you are socially expected to if you are sick and in public. and many people like to wear them for the following reasons:
To prevent catching sicknesses
to reduce effects of seasonal pollen allergies
to keep the face warm in the winter (we have to walk everywhere we go and it is cold!)
to hide themselves (shy folks-seriously people do this- u can hide pimples and such too)
to help if a tooth is sensitive to the temperature
to keep the throat from drying out when it is dry
to avoid giving sicknesses to others (even inside one’s own home to try to prevent giving it to family members-though obviously this usually is futile)

and probably other reasons….
i sleep with one when i have colds. They make a type that has a wet cloth type thing inside with a tad of menthol to sooth ur throat and keep it moist. I make my own version by putting a wet papertowel folded up inside the mask and using vaporrub in some strategic place….but I recommend buying the store bought….
Masks also tend to catch the nasal drippings that occur with colds when u sleep.

in the winter nearly 1/3 of the people wear them.
i am wearing one in the previous video because
1. i have fall allergies and my throat was itchy and drying out and
2. i was about to have to sing so i was protecting my voice. and
3. we have another live show sunday and i didn’t want to catch a cold that would ruin it!

i remember how weird it looks to americans now….i had forgotten about that!!! im very grateful for this custom on the trains when the person beside me is coughing like crazy but thank goodness, wearing a mask!!! We often have to get crammed right up beside these sick folks so it:s very easy to catch stuff..

I am also happy to have one in doctors offices coz I almost always catch something when I go…..

I think this is a great custom.

  1. 面白い! いつも情報がいっぱいだね。

    日本語で、このマスクは何と言うか? 教えてくれ!


  2. Project Van says:

    i wonder why i can never see these comments from the dashboard!!

    sorry if i dont reply to one…im obviously not being notified….

    Anyhow, they are just called マスク ハハハ…or at least that:s all ive ever heard them called….. i know you hate that (笑).

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