Product Refill Packs

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Products

There are so many little things that the Japanese do that make me wonder why we states folk don:t do the same….
i mean…what are we thinking??? some things just seem so illogical….
Here is an example. Japan sells their cleaning/toiletry products in a neat manner. You buy the main package the first time for say 500yen (detergent). When you do so you are paying for both the product and the container, right?
Well when you start getting low, instead of going and buying a new bottle, you buy a slightly smaller refill pack for say 320yen! You save money. You waste less, helping the environment, you produce less garbage, you tote smaller products home. why NOT???
The refill is slightly smaller for ease of refilling your old bottle before it completely runs out. nifty eh. like how the egg compartment holds 14 eggs and a pack of eggs contains 10. you can buy more before you run out completely. i like that.
Anyway, lots of products are done like this. shampoo/kitchen cleaner/toilet cleaner/starch/fabreeze/dishliquid/etc etc etc.

The only disadvantage i can see, is that your original bottles get old looking but gee…..small price right?
I am grateful i dont have to throw away a huge bottle everytime i run out of soemthing….my garbage can is already overflowing
And to top all that off, the refill packs get recycled too, so. We USA people and others like us should be ashamed. seriously.

  1. That DOES make more sense. But in the USA, greed rules out. Americans want money more than anything; Japanese want prestige.

  2. Project Van says:

    Yeah i guess the companies dont want the consumers to save money coz that means the companies make less lol. i gues they probably make a few more cents by selling the package too.

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