Vegetable Vending Machine

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Daily Life, Foods

Well, basically. It:s actually a coin locker style vending….container….or something….
just look for yourself:

You put in the coin/s and turn the knob and the door opens and you take the veges! i buy stuff out of there off and on.
Japan used to have self service vege stands (actually a few still exist- one near my house), where the veges and prices were on a table with a wooden box with *put the money here* written on it. You paid by dropping the money in the box. Used to work out fine, but now adays farmers only make about 80% what they should be, coz of theft. 80% is still proof of the honest nature of the japanese. If that were in the USA, not only would there be no money in the box, but the box, the table, and the containers would all be stolen too.
Well, this is the modern method of unmanned vege selling. The rolled up tarps around it are for rain protection i:m assuming, and/or to *close it up* when there:s nothing inside.
the products seem to be mid/low quality but very natural and fairly priced. The products are not always bagged as they are in the pic. a lot of the veges i bought were just stuck in there. This machine actually gets alot of business.

  1. But where are the pictures????

  2. Oh, never mind, there it is.

    • Project Van says:

      haha yeah i had to edit it sorry 😉

      youve read all these before so im sure you:re very bored hahahaha

      • No, it’s interesting to see these posted again. Now, I can share them with my entire family, especially my parents, who will likely be quite interested in reading them!

      • Project Van says:

        i see wordpress only allows 3 layers of replies.

        anyhow thank you for spreading my posts around to ur folks! so appreciate!
        they must not be like my family, where everyone is sick to death of hearing about japan from me. now im bombarding them with it on FB. they prob hate me.

  3. norma sasser says:

    yes i loved these vegetable bins, self serve style, if one stand was sold out, which they often are, theyre very popular, i would walk several blocks to check and see what the other bins had, i was a happy camper when i knew where these bins were located, fantastic produce and at great prices

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