Japanese Bathrooms

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Daily Life

Here’s one of the bathrooms we have used during our multiple apartment swapping adventures….it:s very old style….like around the 80s i think:

the gas is lit by opening the gas valve, holding down the switch, and  turning the crank.   the knobs control the temp and place the water comes out. Water is reheat-able, which is very nice,  and the flame is visible through a little window.

Now a more modern bathroom:
Perhaps 1990s?
All gas heating is done out of view in this bathroom and it is pretty much all automatic. all the controlling is done by using the electronic control box on the wall.

notice how the tub goes down into the floor, so it:s actually really deep.

All typical bathrooms have drains in the middle of the floor. This makes bathing and cleaning easy, since you can spray water anywhere in the room!!

  1. 日本のお風呂はアメリカのに比べて便利と思うよ。


  2. Project Van says:

    I really love being able to take a shower in a whole little room! it feels so much….freer….and easier to clean!
    i do really prefer the setup in japan. the only bad part is those cold days when you:re comfy in the tub, dont want to get out, but have to pee….
    when they are together you can use the toilet without leaving the steamy bathroom but otherwise….yeah this system is muuuuuuch better.

  3. Shinai Aya says:

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