Cheese Flavor KitKats

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Foods

Something about winter makes me crave

I’m probably gonna give myself diabetes….

.. ..

Anyhow, I haven’t updated about any of the
more recent kitkat flavors…mostly because they didn’t seem all that unique to
me. There was a blueberry flavor that
was good and a few white chocolate based ones that just looked awful and I didn’t
want to try them lol.

.. ..

But here:s the latest one! I def had to try this one, even if it is
white chocolate based.


.. ..



.. ..

There was another brand that came out with
cheese chocolates and cheese caramels awhile back that I blogged about. It was an amazing combination.

.. ..

It is not as good with the white chocolate
kit kat version…but it:s still noteworthy.
Mostly because….IT IS SOOOOO CHEESY.
At first it just smells strongly like cheese….so much that I wished it
were cheese….cause that was a heavenly cheese smell.

Then the sweetness hit and it made my
stomach roll a tad….but then the cheese FLAVOR washed over my mouth and that
made the sweetness and smell merge a lot better.

.. ..

They come in petit portions, only 25 cal
each! I like that.


.. ..

I’m thinking there is a connection with the
weather turning colder and cheese products appearing….possibly due to cheese fondue? Im sure it:s melty warmth is great on early
winter days.

I bought some the other day…I think it:s the
first time ever. I usually pass it by
coz of the 400-500 yen price tag. (5$)


Havnt tried it yet…..but I love any
cheese. Im sure it will be great.

.. ..

The picture shows them dipping bread into
the fondue…and that seems to be the most common thing to do…but that doesn’t seem too good….at least toast seems more appealing….

Any other ideas of what to dip into cheese

  1. チーズとチョコレートはともにスゴくおいしいだね!

  2. Project Van says:

    do they have this combo in the usa yet? cheese and chocolate?

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