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Guest Blog! Christmas in Japan

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Guest Blogs

Check out my good friend Stevo-kun’s great blog about Christmas in japan!!

I was gonna repost it here but realized i dont know how without the html codes…..and it:s already christmas….

so please check it out over on his page! And follow him if you like cooking or deep religious thinking!!!



How to Stop Hiccups!

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In The Annex-ep2 from

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Media

IN THE ANNEX ep2 (Japan Talk #169)

This is the 2nd episode of  “In The Annex”, a new technology segment from the popular site!!! is a podcast full of Japan info!!!!!   Be sure to visit!  (Links on side of page)
This week’s In The Annex covers these topics:

    Consolidate all media in one central entertainment center
    No Media Center For Dummies
    Talking tech directly
    Japan going all digital next year
    Dedicated media players are limited.
    Look at SqueezeBox (Logitech)
    Hardware options
    Need a Windows 7 computer
    Windows Media Center
    No Vista!
    Check your video card output
    Plenty of disk space required
    Cable for connecting to the HDMI terminal of your TV

This show will appear every Wednesday 🙂

Landmark Tower Christmas

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Automatic Rice Shelling Machine

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Daily Life

Shelling Rice




We took mom with us when we got our rice shelled. She was very impressed with the machine, so I thought you guys might be interested too.




We buy our rice in huge brown bags weighing around sixty lbs. ive blogged about those before, a long time ago. It comes unshelled, which I prefer, but most people want white rice.




So, we take our rice to the local automated shelling machine.


Put our coin in, press a button, pour in the rice, and let it do its work.












The rice comes out this shoot shelled and very warm.


If you want to keep the husks, you can. They can be used to make Japanese pickles.




Afterwards, the rice will be hot for a long time, so I have to leave the bag open the rest of the day to prevent it from getting moisture inside.




So anyhow, this is a common chore for me!

Futon Heater

Posted: December 4, 2010 in !! YOUTUBE VIDEOS !!, Products

Be sure to check out!

It:s an awesome site for anyone interesting in anything japanese or living in japan.

And our music is the new theme song for the new segment of this show!!!

We are thrilled 🙂

Another song of ours will appear on his youtube channel *Japundit* sometimes before christmas!   The shows also air there on youtube so subscribe!


Nearly Raw Horse

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Foods

OMG I ate nearly raw horse……. Photobucket
BLAHHHHHH I thought it was just very slightly cooked beef….. It looks like beef right?

Well it wasn’t. it was horse.

And it was either raw or close to it.
I think they just evaporated the blood out…or something….
And it was good. I wont lie. It was tasty. I hate myself!!
I was a vegetarian for 6 years…..not sure what happened lol.

Anyhow we ate this horse at a bar the other day while meeting with a friend. We enjoyed many great tasting snacks along with our very carnivorous dish…

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
This sorta reminds me of when I used to go to yakiniku restaurants where you can choose your own meat to cook….. I would always choose the meat with the lowest fat content…. And then VS would always say….You chose cow tongue again?? You must really like that stuff!*

and I would hurl….

Im the kind of retard that repeats mistakes over and over.

And the kind of retard that drinks too much and takes self portraits in the bathroom HA! Photobucket They had a lot of nice little goodies to take for free in the ladies bathroom…napkins (THOSE KIND), cottonswabs, tissues, oil blotting papers etc. The men didn’t get crap in their bathroom VS said. Photobucket

Have you ever tried horse or something weird like that?