3/25/2011 problems of problems of problems

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Earthquake March 2011

Still documenting the quake, but I:ll have to go back and recap the last 2 WEEKS!! ugh…anyhow….

Now it is the 25th and Im amazed at how many problems that quake is STILL causing…..even smaller personal problems.

It is like one problem leads to another to another to another to another…..

at least the global epicness of each problem is getting smaller….


First there was the quake itself.  which didnt cause all that much damage in reality….but it led to the tsunamis….which caused a LOT of damage and death…..which also lead to the nuclear disaster…..which led to hording and panic….(some say it was not panic but i still call it panic….maybe japanese people didnt go on killing sprees, but to act as they did, buying up all they could despite the shame of this behavior, considering those north needed it more, and other problems it caused, esp buying water when the limit was only harmful to babies…..(adults buying water)…..i call it panic, for here.  The fear was there, in the air, just, people controlled it…..there is a thinking-for the-group selfless stoic behavior that is promoted which makes the fear more hidden…….but *I* call it panic……

Anyhow, the stores sold out, over a fear of not having food, and now there is the fear of contamination….radiation was in the air, the rain came and washed it into the dirt, and now the veges have soaked it up and are reading higher than normal levels of radiation….this is causing selected buying and empty drink shelves. even the colas are nearly gone now…..sigh.

But those are the well documented problems.  Here is one of the hugest problems facing my daily life right now:

MOISTURE AND MOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


See, we are not supposed to hang clothes outside to dry….and it doesnt seem like anyone is hanging them out……so i am still not hanging them out either.

BUT we dont have dryers….so that means hanging them up inside…..where they dry slowly…..esp since it is COLD, and since it has been RAINING, and since we are supposed to conserve ELECTRICITY (not use heat), and we have to take daily showers to wash off any radiation since we go outside, and i have to wash VS’ suit more often (he only has 2, that i must rotate)…

So this leads to LOTS OF LAUNDRY, LOTS OF WASHING, and LOTS OF MOISTURE!!!! The moisture levels are through the rough.  often exceeding 100%…the scale is just stuck all the way past 100%.   We are also not supposed to open windows and not supposed to ventilate….


Ive minimized how often i change an article of clothing…stuff that doesnt touch my skin directly i am using a few times before washing.  it is hard to dry thicker things before they start to smell….i have held some up in front of the heater at times….

The paper doors are looking…..moist…..at times….there have been times when cardboard around the house was soft….the windows are covered with condensation, dripping, if i dont wipe them from time to time. When it rains and we take a shower, afterwards, our breath hangs in the room…..white clouds when we speak…..

I admit…i had to turn on the heater a few times….out of fear of the moisture……i have already found a few spots of mold which i am trying to clean quickly.  out apartment is mold prone for some reason anyhow (prob coz it:s buried in the darkness of other apartments and on the bottom floor).

So the moisutre is now leading to mold.  So im having to act like it is rainy season, or even worse than that, and treat all food items with special care. Even some things you wouldnt expect to be sensitive to that, are….

And now it seems i have a touch of nail fungus on my left thumb…..not sure that is what it is, but i had it once before and it feels the same.  no visual evidence yet though…and i have already attacked it with medicines and vinegar soaks….NOT GOING THROUGH THAT AGAIN!!! UGH!!!

Anyhow…..the sun is up and bright today…the moisture is currently down to 85% and I am gonna skip laundry today if possible…..I have an air filter which takes out pollen and mold spores and ive started running it more.

I’m about to just give up and hang my clothes outside anyway. open the windows and let the air dry the house out….. The mold and moisture is probably more dangerous than the radiation where i am anyway…the only reason i dont is that, no one else has their clothes outside either……but Im just fed up and dunno what else to do about all this….

not to mention my hair bleach which i JUST BOUGHT…. enough to last a few months…and which goes bad easily in high moisture…..i am trying my best to keep it safe….

should i just say……..screw the radiation?  It’s not THAT high anyhow…………how long is this gonna continue?

So new problems keep coming from other problems…..just glad the scale of these problems is getting smaller…. if i have a nail fungus, the global scale of this problem is indeed a lot less than the tsunamis that killed so many….i guess that means things are MUCH MUCH better than last week or the week before…..

but i just wish this cycle would STOOOOOOPPPPP>>>>>>UGH


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