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until i get a new cam…here:s some old footage of this year’s cherry blossom viewing. I wish the quality had been better, but anyhow! You can at least listen to my old computer music….im about to start making new computer music. It’s my favorite type to hear anyhow…

My Japanese inheritence

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Customs

Being married to a Japanese, there are many unique things that i will one day inherit. Things such as: a japanese home, old family kimonos, a real samurai sword, japanese dishes, my husband’s dried umbilical cord. ……….

YEP you heard that right! *gag* One day i will be the proud owner of a dried umbilical cord in a box.


You see, in Japanese culture (and many other cultures too) the umbilical cord is dried and saved as a symbol of the bond between mother and child. They are saved in a little wooden box and kept by the mother.


I can definitely understand this thinking, but because I am not used to seeing umbilical cords or bits of flesh, dried or not…..the whole idea is both shocking and a bit….nauseating.

Korea has some history of this behavior as well…here are some old Korean containers for umbilical cords.


Actually, even though the idea may make you sick now, most of our families, at one time or another, also saved the cord.

In Europe, in the Tudor era, the cords were kept…a much bigger piece than the Japanese keep too. They were kept in bags like this replica:

They believed that the cords could later be used to make medicines for certain illnesses….*GAAAAG* That means….European folks later ate them………..

Some cultures believed that they held the key to a person’s well being and that getting your hands on their umbilical cord meant you could control that person.


As for my own kids’ cords….well….let’s not think about that for now!!!!

Here are some of the boxes you can buy online:



1. Does your culture do this? Do you know of any cultures that do?

2. What would you do or how would you feel in my shoes??

3. If you have seen your own, did it scare you when you were little to have a box somewhere with a piece of yourself in it? Did you even know about it?