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Coffee Pudding Drink

Posted: February 8, 2011 in drinks

Tecan couldnt help but buy this drink.

I told him it was a bad idea.

But…..apparently, like so many other people here (including me)….he couldn’t resist the temptation.

Every week there is some new product out….and every week tons of products go away forever….The items are rotated constantly, obviously playing on our inability to resist every horrible sounding combination and concept……

Thus: Coffee Pudding Shake.


Come on….wouldn’t you buy it too??? Aren’t you curious???




80% of the time….these products are just as awful as they sound or at least…..just…..too odd to form a real opinion. I guess that’s why they only last a few weeks…..just long enough for everyone to buy it once and decide to never ever buy it again.

I mean….LOOK AT IT!!!

and it tasted just like it looks and sounds. make coffee pudding….and blend it loosely with milk so that clumps still survive…and there you have it….

I wonder how many people are on the panels to come up with this stuff….I would love to listen in on their brain storming sessions.




When you go ramen restaurants, often the utensils and condiments are available on the counter for you to grab at your own will. it’s one of the features that make eating ramen quick for salarymen on the go, and of course speady service means customers come and go quicker which is important for the normal ramen eatery.


See, space is limited, and ramen places are usually very small. The food prep area and bar or tables are usually in the same room. In fact, usually the seating area is bar-styled and wraps around the food prep area so that when they finish your ramen all they have to do is set it down over the bar. this eliminates the need to leave the kitchen area or use a trey. Time savers!


So anyhow, the condiments are usually all laid out there on the bar or table for you to grab yourself. often even the water is done this way. There will be pitchers of water laid out within reach of each diner. you refil your own glass.

Lately Ive noticed several ramen restaurants have a thick charcoal block in their water pitchers. I believe it is supposed to purify the water as well as make it taste better and make it healthier.

All water tastes like crap to me though, so i couldnt tell a difference…
(i have not studied up on this well….please let me know what you find if you do research it)


Here are some pages i found interesting.:
(pics are my own-links are just stuff i found on the net)

Pepsi Mont Blanc

Posted: November 2, 2010 in drinks


The newest pepsi flavor!!! Pepsi Mont Blanc!

There are a lot of mont blanc sweets in Japan. They generally look like this, characterized by the stringy layer of sweet chestnut cream icing on top!


And there is a chestnut on the picture on the bottle.

But it doesn:t seem like chestnut flavor to me….perhaps chestnut inspired in a very loose way.

It is, however, delicious!!! And very hard to describe…

It smells sorta like caramel coffee cola.

It also tastes like a milkycoffee cola…with another flavor mixed in….almost like…a christmas smell that I cant put my finger on…

So I call it…a sweet cappuccino Christmas spice cola flavor…

I guess I really cant describe it well, but I can say I will be very sad when it goes away. .


It’s always time for a drink

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Daily Life, drinks
(One of my first blogs ever on!)
As quoted (roughly) from my japanese husband:
There’s always a reason to drink in Japan.
Fall-  the leaves are falling and colorful and food tastes the best in fall, so drink!
Winter-it:s cold and the snow is pretty, so drink!
Spring-everything is fresh and the cherry blossoms are out, so drink!
Summer- it:s hot, and everything is green and alive, so drink!
feel happy?  drink!  sad?  drink!  lonely or socializing?  drink!  sake on sale?  drink!  it:s a holiday? drink!  dinner is good tonight?  drink!
offdays are for drinking.  workdays, after work, are for drinking.  holidays are for drinking.  payday is for drinking.  hard days are for drinking.
yeah you get the idea.
Alcohol is the ultimate cure-all!
And it:s easy to get alcohol too.  any convenience store, some vending machines, the grocery store, the sake stores, the drug stores……what?  the drug stores?  oh yes.  don:t believe me?  here:s a couple pics of the drug store:s sake sections (the room temp and the chilled sections of the same store-Hac drugs).
My husband doesn:t drink much coz his liver is weak, but this is how he describes the general attitude of his friends/coworkers.   He was given alcohol in small quantities as a child however, and he often has to drink with coworkers….despite the liver problems.  But that:s another blog….