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Poor Tecan…..

He’s our bassist if you didn’t know….

And he had a really crappy Christmas when he was little…..literally!

The old toilets that he talks about are called “botton benjyo”. ぼっとん便所。
The word *botton* is a word describing the sound of something falling….it is very similar to the English word *kerplunk*.
The word *benjyo* means toilet.

Why *kerplunk toilet*? Because this toilet was just a hole in the ground….so when you used it….you could hear the kerplunk sound of ….well….your excrements hitting the sewage below!


Tecan’s family was very old fashioned!!! Most people in the 1980s HAD flushing toilets!!!

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Yes, poor Tecan. Lol.

This represents the first vlog posting under the category *Tecan Story Time*.
So if you enjoyed his story be on the lookout for more to come!! He has a billion to tell….

It’s awesome and it knows it!

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Humor

I just really loved this brand name and thought i would share it with yall.

Yeah….the stuff they make just HAS to be awesome……huh?

Well,  the livehouse messed up our video footage of the show……so i cant show it to you.

it went well actually.  best one so far, so that:s really bad i don’t have it recorded.

but instead here is some footage from before the show!

We tried to hand out fliers…….but it was so hard!    and funny…..

Wasabi Nightmare

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Foods, Humor
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While Japanese culture is spreading more and more in the states, there are always those old fashioned or clueless westerners that just can:t keep up with this fast change.

My stepfather Wanza has no knowlege of the east other than knowing that the people there are asian and use chopsticks.  when he thinks of japan, he imagines chinese stuff and sumo wrestlers.  right?

well, he loves chinese food.  or rather, americanized chinese food.  And lately, those chinese buffet places have been offering some japanese items like sushi etc.

well i had gone home for a visit and my family went to one of these buffet places. Wanza loaded his plate up as usual and was packing it away.

till he got to the green pudding.  he had nearly half a plate full of this runny green pudding.  he got a tablespoon and shoved a pile in his mouth, swallowed, and started screaming!!!….

it was not pudding….. it was …..wasabi.  yes.

if you have ever tasted wasabi, then you know the hell he was in.  it is horseradish ground up and normally used in teensy dollaps on sushi or soba etc.  the stuff goes straight to your nose if you eat too much at once and burns like fire.

The trick is to breathe through your mouth when eating it. this keeps it out of your nose.  the burning sensation, that is.

wasabi is very good, by the teensy dallop, not by the tablespoon.  needless to say, the restaurant was probably pissed that he wasted so much of that expensive commodity.  but i guess you could say he was well punished.