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In The Annex-ep2 from

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Media

IN THE ANNEX ep2 (Japan Talk #169)

This is the 2nd episode of  “In The Annex”, a new technology segment from the popular site!!! is a podcast full of Japan info!!!!!   Be sure to visit!  (Links on side of page)
This week’s In The Annex covers these topics:

    Consolidate all media in one central entertainment center
    No Media Center For Dummies
    Talking tech directly
    Japan going all digital next year
    Dedicated media players are limited.
    Look at SqueezeBox (Logitech)
    Hardware options
    Need a Windows 7 computer
    Windows Media Center
    No Vista!
    Check your video card output
    Plenty of disk space required
    Cable for connecting to the HDMI terminal of your TV

This show will appear every Wednesday 🙂


Be sure to check out!

It:s an awesome site for anyone interesting in anything japanese or living in japan.

And our music is the new theme song for the new segment of this show!!!

We are thrilled 🙂

Another song of ours will appear on his youtube channel *Japundit* sometimes before christmas!   The shows also air there on youtube so subscribe!


The Ramen Girl movie…

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Media

Yes Hollywood has done it again. Taken a perfectly good japanese movie, thrown in some random americans in Japan for some rediculous reason, and wah lah. a new movie.
A remake of Tampopo, in which a japanese lady tries to become a ramen chef at the ramen shop her husband left her, The Ramen Girl is about a beautiful blond, very madeup, american girl stranded in japan (?) who wants to become a ramen master (??).

i think the worst bit was when the ramen master guy says to her *you be my successor* and she says *i would be honored*……like…..vomit…..
What a horrible movie.
That:s all i can say about that.