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So, though I havn’t stated it over here, and I’m not sure if anyone reads over here, nor can I promise that I’ll even be back for another year (I am not good about keeping this page up-it seems like a good place to vent today) but I’ve been pregnant for awhile now.   I’m 31 weeks today and it is amazing how fast the time has gone by. I am getting really excited to meet my little boy.

That means in 6 weeks, baby Shion will be full term and could come soon. But more likely, it will be about 8-10 weeks.

There are so many things that have been frustrating me lately, most having to do with the difference in how baby-care is approached and a lack of sources for information.   All the info I read in English is pretty useless for living in Japan, and the info in Japanese is just, well, hard to read.  I wish I understood more, but that is my own fault.   Yasu doesn’t have much time to help, and his mom is such a minimalist, that I just feel under prepared.   I don’t have a fully stocked nursery to work with.  All I have right now is a bassinet, a few clothes, and some washcloths.   There are at least plans to get a bath, bed, bouncer, and bumbo chair.  My mom is bringing some things, and some family members have sent some things, like a baby book.   I don’t see things like baby tylenol or rectal thermometers in the drug store.    What do folks do when baby is sick at 2am??? If I don’t have a stroller, what if he gets sick when he is 2 weeks old?   Apparently, it’s best to wait till later to get a stroller.  In a country where I have to walk everywhere.  (?)  I just don’t understand the thinking at all.  Maybe I am missing something.   At least my mom in law lives close and has a car.  I guess when i have a problem (even if it is 2am) and i am going to call her, since if she says I don’t need these things yet, she MUST have an alternate plan.     ARGH!  so confusing.  so conflicting.  so frustrating.

I am trying not to let it get to me so much coz I know his little brain is developing full force now and I dont want to have a lot of stress hormones circulating while that is happening, but I could seriously bang my head on the wall a few good times and feel tons better, I’m sure.   I know it will all work out though.  right?  RIGHT???

Off to look up baby items online and see if I can’t order some…damnit.  lol.