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So, though I havn’t stated it over here, and I’m not sure if anyone reads over here, nor can I promise that I’ll even be back for another year (I am not good about keeping this page up-it seems like a good place to vent today) but I’ve been pregnant for awhile now.   I’m 31 weeks today and it is amazing how fast the time has gone by. I am getting really excited to meet my little boy.

That means in 6 weeks, baby Shion will be full term and could come soon. But more likely, it will be about 8-10 weeks.

There are so many things that have been frustrating me lately, most having to do with the difference in how baby-care is approached and a lack of sources for information.   All the info I read in English is pretty useless for living in Japan, and the info in Japanese is just, well, hard to read.  I wish I understood more, but that is my own fault.   Yasu doesn’t have much time to help, and his mom is such a minimalist, that I just feel under prepared.   I don’t have a fully stocked nursery to work with.  All I have right now is a bassinet, a few clothes, and some washcloths.   There are at least plans to get a bath, bed, bouncer, and bumbo chair.  My mom is bringing some things, and some family members have sent some things, like a baby book.   I don’t see things like baby tylenol or rectal thermometers in the drug store.    What do folks do when baby is sick at 2am??? If I don’t have a stroller, what if he gets sick when he is 2 weeks old?   Apparently, it’s best to wait till later to get a stroller.  In a country where I have to walk everywhere.  (?)  I just don’t understand the thinking at all.  Maybe I am missing something.   At least my mom in law lives close and has a car.  I guess when i have a problem (even if it is 2am) and i am going to call her, since if she says I don’t need these things yet, she MUST have an alternate plan.     ARGH!  so confusing.  so conflicting.  so frustrating.

I am trying not to let it get to me so much coz I know his little brain is developing full force now and I dont want to have a lot of stress hormones circulating while that is happening, but I could seriously bang my head on the wall a few good times and feel tons better, I’m sure.   I know it will all work out though.  right?  RIGHT???

Off to look up baby items online and see if I can’t order some…damnit.  lol.




When you go ramen restaurants, often the utensils and condiments are available on the counter for you to grab at your own will. it’s one of the features that make eating ramen quick for salarymen on the go, and of course speady service means customers come and go quicker which is important for the normal ramen eatery.


See, space is limited, and ramen places are usually very small. The food prep area and bar or tables are usually in the same room. In fact, usually the seating area is bar-styled and wraps around the food prep area so that when they finish your ramen all they have to do is set it down over the bar. this eliminates the need to leave the kitchen area or use a trey. Time savers!


So anyhow, the condiments are usually all laid out there on the bar or table for you to grab yourself. often even the water is done this way. There will be pitchers of water laid out within reach of each diner. you refil your own glass.

Lately Ive noticed several ramen restaurants have a thick charcoal block in their water pitchers. I believe it is supposed to purify the water as well as make it taste better and make it healthier.

All water tastes like crap to me though, so i couldnt tell a difference…
(i have not studied up on this well….please let me know what you find if you do research it)


Here are some pages i found interesting.:
(pics are my own-links are just stuff i found on the net)

The Sex Egg

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Products
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I moved this blog from an old post on .

We saw this….product….the other day at a book store (?).
Vtec just HAD to buy one (what a perv!). He let me take pics BEFORE he tried it out!
Meet the sex egg, or rather the *easy ona-cap egg twister*. I:m guessing the ona comes from the Japanese word for girl *onna*.
Anyhow it is ribbed on the inside as shown here..Photobucket..and I do not know anything further about its use, as i did not want to know anything about it after vtec had broken it in…!
Vtec did assure us that it was not worth the few bucks he paid…and that he was glad he had only bought the one and not the 6 pack…..