Automatic Rice Shelling Machine

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Daily Life

Shelling Rice




We took mom with us when we got our rice shelled. She was very impressed with the machine, so I thought you guys might be interested too.




We buy our rice in huge brown bags weighing around sixty lbs. ive blogged about those before, a long time ago. It comes unshelled, which I prefer, but most people want white rice.




So, we take our rice to the local automated shelling machine.


Put our coin in, press a button, pour in the rice, and let it do its work.












The rice comes out this shoot shelled and very warm.


If you want to keep the husks, you can. They can be used to make Japanese pickles.




Afterwards, the rice will be hot for a long time, so I have to leave the bag open the rest of the day to prevent it from getting moisture inside.




So anyhow, this is a common chore for me!

  1. […] In Japan, because of the high consumption of rice, one purchases large bags of rice at a time and can take it to a machine to have shelled. You can also read about this blog if you click here. […]

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